We spent a wonderful week at Alila Manggis for an all-inclusive yoga retreat under the guidance of Ami Effendy. She is a fabulous teacher, and the comprehensive curriculum she organised for the retreat ensured there was a balance of both training in postures and forms but also a thorough education in the history of yoga and the philosophy underlying it. The retreat also included extensive training in meditation and individualised training programs for both of us at the retreat’s end. Also much appreciated was her adjusting the positions and forms for the two of us: one a returning yoga student and one a total beginner!
We would highly recommend the experience, as it left us with skills that will be valuable to us for a lifetime!
— Aakriti & Michael, Australia
I attended a six-day Yoga Retreat at Alila Manggis with Ami and had the most wonderful experience. Arriving without knowing much about traditional Hatha yoga, Ami provided expert tutelage both on and off the matt providing me with a greater understanding of the theory behind the practice and fostering a deeper awareness of my movement and mindset. During the retreat, we moved through the various stages of Hatha yoga (Moon, Sun and Fire) exploring the foundations of postural, pranayama and meditation practice. Ami’s teaching is superb; she provides detailed instruction in every class and tailored poses for differing levels of expertise. I also enjoyed Yoga Nidra - a guided meditation class that induces a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping leading to an extreme feeling and calm and relaxation. Ami’s beautiful aura made every class a joy, her vibrant and personable nature made the practice even more special. I highly recommend Ami as a yoga teacher!
— Nicola Gaskell, Australia
Wow! We have just had the most amazing experience with you Ami and feel so very special! You are an incredible teacher and soul and your practice has changed our perception of yoga. Your extraordinary talent has given us the tools to make subtle but important changes in our daily lives that we can absolutely achieve! I knew you could but to tame my darling husband into a yoga convert is something to behold... as all that know him would say he is untameable!!! Thank you thank you thank you. We will be returning to you soon. Missing your classes already.
— Lynda and Simon Cassell, Australia
I am so grateful that I joined in Ami’s class and am now learning the true nature of traditional Hatha Yoga. I feel that my learning prior to Ami’s classes was a bit too fast paced as is the trend these days. I feel there is a deeper sense of self, and mindfulness in Ami’s practices. She is very patient and her instructions are gentle and very detailed. One of my most favorite parts of her classes is her guided meditation. Through her meditation, she helps facilitate physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth and well being. I think reaching a sense of calmness is an integral part of any yoga practice and I am so happy that I can reach this state of peace in her lessons. It brings wonder and joy into ordinary moments and I am so thankful for the experience.
— Jamie Lynn Jacobson, Canada
What a life changing experience, Ami’s in-depth tutelage and passion for her craft was enlightening and enjoyable. Anyone who wants to elevate their well-being definitely needs to experience this.
— Farah Quinn, Indonesia